The Creator has sent three angels to bring her back. Back to a place where freedom meant obedience and where paradise was confused with a dull hell. Lilith fled into the realm of music and is cursed to stay in there forever. Banished and bruised, she exists as a demon of the night.

She will not obey but she can be channeled through the doomed sound of your guitar. Awakening this extraordinary stomp box will ignite the flames of fury in her hands and let her haunt you down. Join in on her wrath for more gain, ascent the volume of her desperate screams, allow her to hide in the shadows or illuminate the darkness with her dreadful presence. Join her cult and resonate with higher frequencies while four different spheres will shape your sound.

Price: 199€

Iron Musk

Built for Metal enthusiasts and other doomed souls, this massive low end Fuzz will take you on a ride to the snowy wastelands of Dovrefjell, Norway. Inspired by a grunting majestic Musk Ox we crossed path with on our trek to Snøhetta, this stomp box will likely tear apart everything you thought you knew about Fuzzes just as the creature would do with your face if you’d step into its way. Coming with a plain one knob design the Iron Musk serves sparkling highs, crushing mids and nasty massive lows. NOS silicon transistors are what makes this solid fuzz circuit something you don’t come across every day.

Price: 179€

Custom Builds

It’s always fun to help people find their perfect pedal or let their visions become reality. For example, if you crave to see and feel your overdrive in a wahwah enclosure so you can adjust your gain by foot while keeping your board lean – we can do that. Or you prefer to play 7 or 8 strings but your blues breaker just can’t handle the force – we can fix that. There’s always a way to transform a regular pedal into something unique. Let your imagination run wild and slide into my emails! I also do live-show-madness-proof versions of your favorite vintage stomp box. I get it. I’ve seen the light vanish from people’s eyes after someone spilled their beer.


Your pedal just doesn’t sound right. It’s just a bit too harsh or has too much treble? You play the bass and feel left out on a special effect pedal that doesn’t cut half of your low end? You want to control your gain or volume via expression pedal and need someone to bring this idea to life? Or is it more flexibility with some added toggle switches you’re after? No worries, there’s a mod for everything. Almost everything, We’re not in Disneyland…